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UHF Survey

Misuse of the UHF CB emergency channels 5 and 35 is becoming too common. RREC is looking to conduct a survey of UHF users to determine just how common it is, the worse areas, and the worse offenders. The results (without any identifying details) will be compiled into a submission to ACMA and the Minister for Communications, in an effort to show just how desperate we need enforcement action to help clear this misuse before a life is lost.

If you have details of a specific incident of misuse you can send us the details using our Misuse Report. We can then try to contact the users and educate them on these channels.


    Thank you but this survey is for those that own or use a UHF CB.

    Thank you for your time. Your response will be recorded once you hit SUBMIT below. Even negative responses are of importance to this survey.

    The following questions are optional. If you would like to be kept up-to-date on our efforts please supply at least a first name and email address. If provided this information will remain confidential and will not be supplied to any other party.